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A female worker in overalls installing a polyfoam house-wrap on a wall

Transform Your Property With External Wall Insulation In Essex

At Rendex Facades, we bring you the transformative benefits of external wall insulation (EWI), a remarkable system designed to enhance the energy efficiency of newer and older properties, including those lacking post-1930s cavity walls. Did you know that external wall insulation significantly impacts your property's energy efficiency, even more than brand-new A-rated double glazing or a modern condensing gas boiler? We help you employ the power of EWI to reduce heat loss from your domestic or commercial property.


Rendex Facades offers no-obligation advice and free quotes to help you make an informed decision. While we're based in Canvey Island, our services extend across Essex and the entire UK. With 18 years of experience and TrustMark accreditation, you can trust our highly skilled, experienced, and friendly team to deliver quality services, ensuring 100% satisfaction. To elevate the comfort and aesthetics of your property, contact us today

Close-up of polystyrene insulation boards fixed with dowel

Why Choose External Wall Insulation?

Why should you invest in external wall insulation? Solid walls, notorious for heat loss, can allow twice as much heat to escape compared to cavity walls. EWI offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Eliminates dampness and mould effectively.

  • Significantly reduces condensation.

  • It can be applied without disrupting your household.

  • Doesn't reduce your space's floor area.

  • Enhances weatherproofing and sound resistance.

  • Fills cracks and gaps, reducing draughts.

  • Extends the life of your walls.

  • Gives your property a fresh new look.

External wall insulation systems don't just save energy; they also add to your property's appearance. Rendex Facades offers an extensive range of finishes, from different render textures to a kaleidoscope of colours, brick slips, and even pebble dash systems.

Considerations For Installation

It's essential to address a few key considerations to guarantee a seamless and successful installation.

  • Planning Permission: Your property's appearance changes may require local council approval.

  • Accessibility: Adequate access to outer walls is essential for proper installation.

  • Problematic Walls: EWI isn't recommended for walls in poor condition.

  • Conservation Areas: Consult your local council if you live in a conservation area.

Worker installing insulation board on a wooden exterior wall

Unlock Savings & Sustainability

External wall insulation costs vary depending on factors like your property's condition and the chosen insulation system. If you choose external wall insulation, you can potentially save up to £455 annually on heating costs and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 1,900 kg of CO2 per year.

Let Us Work On Your Property's Insulation – Reach Out To Us At 07830 238235 For A Free Quote!

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