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Photo of a brand new unoccupied detached red brick house

Stunning Brick Slips & Cladding Solutions In Essex

At Rendex Facades, we understand the transformative power of brick slips and cladding. Whether your goal is to rejuvenate your interior or enhance the exterior of your building, our brick slips and cladding options offer a unique blend of technical excellence and aesthetic allure. With millions of square metres of facades already adorned with our brick slips and cladding solutions, you can rely on us to provide the ideal solution for your project.


Brick slips seamlessly harmonise the traditional charm of brickwork with contemporary design possibilities, preserving your property's authenticity while introducing a touch of modern elegance. Our cladding options further expand your design possibilities, allowing you to achieve your project's desired look and functionality, whether for insulation, protection, or purely aesthetic purposes. 


With a team of skilled contractors, we're ready to serve Essex and the entire UK. Get in touch for a friendly, no-obligation quote and let us bring your brick slip and cladding visions to life.

Perspective view of a red brick terraced apartment building

The Benefits Of Choosing Our Brick Slips

Our brick slips come with a plethora of advantages, including:

  • Longevity & Guarantee: Enjoy a long product life backed by a 10-year guarantee.

  • Low Thickness & Weight: Our brick slips are lightweight and don't add unnecessary load to your structure.

  • Weather Resistance: They withstand all weather conditions, ensuring durability.

  • Easy Maintenance: Our brick slips are washable, impact-resistant, and paintable.

  • Colourfast & Efflorescence-Free: They maintain their colour vibrancy and are free from efflorescence.

  • British Standard Dimensions: Conforming to British brick dimensions for an authentic appearance.

  • Professional Finish: Achieve a genuine brick finish that elevates your property's appearance.

Our Range of Brick Slip Services

We offer a wide variety of brick slip services to cater to your unique needs, including:

  • Acrylic Brick Slips: Ideal for achieving a modern look with vibrant colours.

  • GreuBrick Slips: A versatile option for both interior and exterior applications.

  • Prostone & Real Bricks: Options that bring the authenticity of real bricks to your project.

  • Cladding: Transform your space with our high-quality cladding solutions.

A row of premium terraced houses with red brick exterior and beautiful mouldings
Detail of a beige brick wall

Innovative Cladding Systems

Explore our innovative cladding systems, including:

  • Gebrik Brick Cladding System: This system offers approximately 700 natural clay brick slips in various sizes, cast in polyurethane under controlled conditions. It's versatile, lightweight, and can be applied to various substrates.

  • MechSlip Brick Cladding System: Developed by industry leaders Ash & Lacy and Ibstock Kevington, this system allows you to achieve natural, through-coloured brick facades with the efficiency and versatility of mechanically fixed brick slip cladding. It's non-combustible, durable, and meets rigorous weather-tightness standards.

Let Us Transform Your Property With Brick Slips & Cladding! Call 07830 238235 To Get Started On Your Vision!

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